Below Market Value Property (BMV)

Are you searching for a house that’s Below Market Value? We’ll be your BMV property finder. Each year, we offer hundreds of BMV deals to our investors, along with a  generous discount. 


What Does Below Market Value Mean?

"Buying a property below market value is when you buy a property for less than its true value on the open market - the figure a property expert would suggest you could achieve based on a valuation."

But hang on, don’t the majority of houses go for Below Market Value anyway?  After all, no one ever offers the asking price. 

Well, not necessarily. You see the asking price is what the property is marketed for – it doesn’t necessarily represent its value. In fact, many times asking prices are overinflated due to an agent’s overvaluation or a homeowner’s unrealistic expectations. So even if a property goes for significantly below the asking price, it’s the figure that it sells for that dictates its open market value. A BMV property is anything priced below this figure. 

At The Property Sourcing Company, we specialise in BMV property so you don’t have to. Time is everything when dealing with property, so why waste yours sourcing your own BMV deals when we can do all the hard work for you? All you have to do is pick up the phone. 

BMV Meaning

How Do I Work Out If A Property Is Below Market Value?

It’s one thing knowing what BMV property is. But it’s another thing entirely to be able to spot it. 

For starters, you MUST do your due diligence and research both the property and the local market thoroughly. Fail to do so and you risk being misled by your own inaccurate figures. So to get you started, here’s a few tips we’d suggest for working out if a property is BMV..

  1. Find recent comparable properties and compare their sale price. 
  2. Determine the value of the properties currently on the market.
  3. Compare a property’s features and USPs.
  4. Get a grasp of the local market and how quickly properties sell.
  5. Ask an online property valuation tool  (just be sure to take this figure with a pinch of salt!)
Follow these tips and you should have a good sense of a property’s value and be able to determine whether it’s indeed a BMV property or not. 
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BMV property comes in all shapes and sizes. Discover what BMV deals we're currently offering by becoming part of our investors database.

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Types Of BMV Property Available

As a leading property investment company, we recognise BMV property comes in all shapes and sizes. Not that it’s a bad thing because all investors have their own unique requirements, so the chance there’s an investment property that fits the bill is pretty high. All that’s left is to connect the dots. 

A job our investors database has been specifically designed to do. Here’s just a few types of BMV property we offer to our members…

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Why Should You Invest With Us?

While our investors database is great perk of our service, our team are the real reason you should buy your next investment property through us.

Without their extensive knowledge of BMV property, we wouldn’t be able to source you generously discounted deals, nor ensure your purchase is quick and hassle free.  All ingredients that allow you to make wise investments and grow your portfolio fast. 

It’s also our team that allows us to grow our relationship with you as an investor, even after your purchase has gone through. Buy your investment property through us and rest assured you’ll be far more to us than just a number – we’ll know you on a first name basis.


Our Locations

Thinking of buying a BMV property, but have a specific area in mind? To give you an understanding of  just how broad your property choice is, here’s the areas where we most regularly buy BMV property…

BMV Property: Your Questions Answered


Have we missed something? 

If you’ve still got a burning question about BMV property investment that we haven’t yet answered, check out our FAQs below…

BMV stands for Below Market Value, and is a term commonly associated with property investment.

Yes – it’s always the right time to be investing in property. Reason being that while property prices do fluctuate from month to month, the overall trend of the UK property market is up. What’s more, as the country’s population increases so does the demand for housing. One of the reasons why property investment is such a hot topic!

Property’s got a reputation for being one of the safest investments. Not only does it appreciate in the long run, but it’s also a great source of passive income – the goal of every investor!

However, why you should invest in property, depends entirely on your circumstances. If you’re unsure, your best bet would be to reach out to our team and talk us through your situation in finer detail. 

REMEMBER: Being property sourcing experts makes our team a great source of advice.  


Not only do we help you buy property at a discounted price and advise you on the best route to take, but we also cover the costs associated with your sale, be they solicitors or surveyors…

Who said that property investment had to be stressful?!

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