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Are you looking to get into the buy to let market and find potential property purchases with great rental yields? That’s something we can help with.

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Is a Buy-To-Let a Good Investment?​

Are you looking to grow a property portfolio that provides a monthly income for many years to come?

Buy-to-let properties can be a great option for this, specifically if you identify those that return a high yield. They are becoming a popular investment as people seek to earn a passive income off ever-increasing rental prices, it’s an appealing investment.

Generally speaking, buy-to-let investments are good. Property prices fluctuate regularly, but if you are looking to hold property over a longer-term then you’re much more likely to make a profit from it when you do finally come to sell it, whilst also generating a monthly income during the time you hold it. 

We’ll provide you with high yield, below market value property purchase options, allowing you to maximise your monthly profit.


Why A Buy-To-Let Might Be A Good Investment For You

It’s not for everyone, becoming a landlord can be a daunting experience and it’s not for everyone. If you can wrap your head around everything you need to be a landlord, then there is a lot of profit to be made. 

There are several benefits to investing in buy to let properties, here are just a few of them:

  • You’ll get a regular rental income
  • You can generate more capital growth as the property value increases
  • You can insure against loss of rental income, legal costs or damages
  •  You can offset costs against tax
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What to Look For In a BTL Investment

Have we piqued your interest? We’ll do all the leg work for you, but before launching yourself into investing in Buy To Let property, you should know what some of the things to look for and the key factors to consider about the property itself. 

Buy To Let Investment Examples​

When we say that we can source properties that offer a high yield, you don’t just have to take our word for it. Below you will find some of the properties we’ve recently sold to our investor database and their example yields:

Gwent Buy To Let
Leeds Buy To Let
Crewe BTL
North London Buy To Let

Where In The UK Has The Highest Rental Yields

We’ve looked into various areas in the UK to find the best areas for high rental yields as an overview. We offer discounts on property selling them below market value, so you can expect to achieve higher yields with our properties.

North West England - 4.7%
Scotland - 4.5%
Yorkshire & Humber - 4.5%
Wales - 4.2%
West Midlands - 3.9%
East Midlands - 3.7%
South West England - 3.7%
North East England - 3.6%
East of England - 3.4%
South East England - 3.3%
London - 3%
Figures are from Zoopla & Homelet

Popular Buy-To-Let Options

Residential Buy To Lets

These tend to be normal residential houses, 2 to 3 bedrooms terrace, semi-detached, detached or flats. They are houses that are suitable for the average renter and are sometimes known as vanilla buy to let properties.

A House of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) is a rented property occupied by at least three people who are not from one household or five or more people, forming two or more households.

This type of Buy To Let is a freehold block which offers multiple, separate or independent residential units. This can be a variety of different types of property such as blocks of flats or houses converted into flats.

This is very similar to HMO’s and even are often referred to as non-licensable HMO’s. They have many characteristics of a typical HMO but don’t require the licence, but they may still require planning permission from your local authority.

as the name describes, this is a commercial premises and it is when you let the property out to one or more businesses. It’s often referred to as Commercial Landlord Mortgage, Business Buy To Let Mortage or Commercial Investment Mortage.

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Why Invest With Us?

We’ll find you the best deal, with the highest yield possible, tailored to your requirements. 

We have years of experience in this industry and are part of a group of companies that regularly purchase properties for below market value, in which we can pass the discount on to yourself. We’ll look at every property we purchase, or even get an enquiry for, to determine if it will offer a high yield. If the answer is yes, we can pass the opportunity on to our investors.

We make it easy, doing all the research for you & finding the perfect property to slot into your portfolio. 

Our Locations

You might be wondering where we are able to offer these fantastic Buy To Let opportunities with great yields, and the answer is pretty much anywhere in England and Wales. We’ve detailed below some of the main areas that we regularly buy properties in, just to give you an idea.

What Else To Consider With Buy To Let

How It Works - Team

Frequently Asked Questions

We think so! Building a Buy-To-Let property portfolio can be used to generate an income for years & then release the cash when you come to sell the property.

It varies from lender to lender, but they generally have very similar restrictions, such as:

  • You must have a minimum salary of £25k a year
  • You must have owned or lived in your current existing property for 6+ months
  • The property has to be let under AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancies)
  • Max loan to value is typically around 75% (but this varies)

Stamp duty is slightly higher when it comes to buying a second property. You can expect to pay:

  • £0-500K properties (3%)
  • £500-925k properties (8%)
  • £925k-1.5m properties (13%)
  • Over 1.5m properties (15%)

As a general rule of thumb they consider a good rental yield to be around the 7% mark. 

Calculating the rental yield is fairly straight forward:

Yield = (Monthly income from rental x 12) ÷ Property purchase price

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