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Our Property Investment Seminar UK 2024

Are you ready to take your property investment journey to the next level? The Property Sourcing Company’s intensive two-day seminar will equip you with the proven strategies and insider knowledge to achieve financial freedom.

Our team, backed by a century of combined experience, and a network of leading UK property companies, will share the real-world tactics we’ve used to transform investments into thriving multi-million pound portfolios. We’ll address the common challenges investors face, making your path to success smoother and faster.

Join our Investment Consultants, Founder Jonathan Christie, and expert guest speakers to explore three powerful strategies designed to propel you towards financial freedom.

We’ve got you covered; Enjoy a luxurious stay at Rudding Park Hotel (subject to a £250 deposit, fully refundable upon attendance) and delicious meals throughout the Seminar – all included within our offering.

Why attend our Property Investment Seminar?

Transform your financial future with The Property Sourcing Company’s Property Investment Seminar – your proven path to turning £100,000 into £1 Million. 

Whether you are a seasoned landlord seeking to scale your portfolio, a passive investor looking for lucrative opportunities, or a newcomer to the world of property, this seminar delivers; the essential connections, up-to-date insights and exclusive off-market deals you need to succeed. Don’t miss this chance to accelerate your wealth-building journey:

Connect with seasoned investors, mortgage experts, solicitors and tax specialists vital to your success.

Learn proven tactics for Buy to Let, BRRR (Buy, Refurbish, Rent, Refinance), property flipping and building a multi-million pound portfolio.

Gain exclusive access to off-market properties unavailable to the wider public.

Discover a multitude of financing options from bridging loans to specialised mortgages, making your dream deals a reality.

Receive personalised advice on tax strategies, legal matters and mortgage solutions to maximise your investment returns.

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest market trends and analysis for informed investment decisions.

Unlock attendee-only discounts, priority access to deals, and other valuable perks.

Receive comprehensive guidance throughout your property investment journey from discovery to acquisition.

What do we cover in our Investment Seminar?

Unlock your property investment potential at our Property Investment Seminar. Our comprehensive programme covers the essential things you need to know to be able to invest in success:

Foundations for newcomers

If property investing is new to you, our introductory sessions break down core strategies and key terminology, building a solid base for your investment journey.

Smart financing

Discover the diverse world of property financing. We’ll delve into bridging finance, commercial lending, specialised mortgages and how to leverage them to secure your ideal deals.

Strategic portfolio growth

Learn how to build a wealth-generating property portfolio, with a specific focus on achieving the £1 million milestone. Get proven techniques to make your investment capital work harder.

The power of off-market deals

Uncover the secrets of sourcing lucrative off-market properties directly from vendors. These often below-market-value opportunities are hidden gems for savvy investors.

Income through trading

Explore profitable trading strategies like Buy to Let, property flips and refurbishments. We’ll show you how to identify and capitalise on these opportunities for short and long-term returns.

So what are you waiting for?

Register your interest today!

Our expert solicitors and tax advisors will guide you through vital legal frameworks and tax considerations, minimising risks and maximising your profits. Stay ahead of the curve with in-depth analysis of current market trends, historical data and infomed predictions to guide your investment choices.

Most importantly, you’ll be learning from real-world examples! We’ll analyse successful deals, breaking down purchase prices, profit potential and return on investment calculations. All while, you’ll get the chance to connect with seasoned investors and industry experts, creating a support system for continued growth and addressing challenges.

Our Seminar Show Reviews

Unsure as to whether it’s worth your while attending our investor shows? Well you don’t just have to take our word for it, here are some great reviews from previous attendees.

Ashot Davoyan

Ashot Davoyan

“I participated at one of investment seminars which proved to provide thorough knowledge about investing in the industry.”

Chris Brooksbank

Chris Brooksbank

“I attended an investor seminar with The Property Sourcing Company. Really insightful day full of information plus genuine people / business that put seller’s and investors best interest first to create a proposition that works for everyone. Looking forward to working with them on a regular basis going forward.”

Sean Crowie

Sean Crowie

“The seminar was very insightful and explained their overall objectives and business plan that could assist me. Having purchased a property prior to this, the experience with them has really good and very helpful in helping this new starter!”

Diane Hodgson

“I have made two purchases with The Property Sourcing Company now. The event I attended was a great further insight into the business and the large range of different deals they can offer. It was also great to meet the team including the Directors. They really care about you and want you to do well!”

Property Investment Seminar FAQs

Still have a few questions before taking the leap? We’ve got you covered! Below are answers to common questions about our Property Investment Seminar, including how to get there, who the seminar is designed for, and why you can trust us.

Conveniently access The Property Sourcing Company’s Property Investment Seminar at the beautiful Rudding Park Hotel in Harrogate (HG3 1JH). 

Getting there is easy. By train, Harrogate station offers direct connections to Leeds, York, and beyond. Even London is easily accessible with twice-daily LNR service. From the station, a quick 11 minute taxi ride takes you directly to Rudding Park Hotel.

We welcome investors with a range of experience levels. Whether you have prior experience in property, finance, other investments, or are completely new to the field, our seminar provides valuable insights tailored to your needs.

The most important factor: Your goal of turning £100,000 into £1 million. If you have the drive and this level of capital to invest, we’ll provide the strategies and support to help you achieve your ambition.

We are a leading UK property sourcing company with extensive experience and a successful history of helping investors achieve their goals. 

Our vast network of property-related businesses, like our parent company The Property Buying Company, gives you access to unparalleled resources and opportunities. Our expertise has been featured in major publications like Nasdaq, demonstrating our industry authority. 

We’ve guided hundreds of investors toward finding the perfect properties to meet their needs. Our commitment to hosting multiple Property Investment Seminars demonstrates our focus on delivering value and helping you reach your £1 million portfolio goal. 

Let our reputation and results speak for themselves. Join us and discover how we can transform your investment future.

The best way to build a £1 million portfolio is to acquire the right knowledge, strategies and connections. Our exclusive two-day seminar delivers exactly that. Learn from our team of experts, backed by a century of combined experience, as they share the proven tactics used to build thriving multi-million-pound portfolios. We’ll guide you through overcoming common investor obstacles, fast-tracking your path to success. 

This isn’t just about theory. You’’ gain inside access to off-market deals, explore tailored financing solutions, and network with industry leaders. Plus, enjoy a luxurious stay (subject to a £250 deposit, fully refundable upon attendance) and delicious meals throughout the Seminar. Discover how our seminar empowers you to transform your financial future and achieve your £1 million goal.  


We hold regular events every two to three months. Spaces are often limited and in high demand, so don’t leave it too long – register your interest today!

*Please be aware that the investment strategies we discuss at the event typically require a cash liquidity of £100k+.