Student Property Investments

Do you want to invest in student accommodation? We have several properties available in major UK university cities, which would present a great purchasing opportunity to let to students.

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Why Invest In Student Property?

There are a number of reasons that investing in student property in the UK is a good place to put your money.

Investing in student property is a good idea for a multitude of different reasons, and here are just a few of them:

Student numbers on the up

In recent years the number of students in the UK has consistently been increasing and there are hundreds of thousands of students that enrol in University within the UK every year, most of which need to sort accommodation.

Overseas students increasing

Another factor to consider is that the amount of students coming from overseas has also been growing as the UK universities continue to increase in reputation. These students will of course need accommodation and often favour city centre based locations.

Significant yield returns

Student properties can offer a significant return on yield with the UK average per annum sitting at 7.8% according to Knight Frank.

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Types of Student Property

If you are planning on investing in student property, there are two main types of property that you might consider purchasing.

Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

You’ll need to budget for a licence, if it occupies more than five people in more two or more separate properties, to invest in these types of property, however, they can be extremely profitable. They allow you to split up a house into individual accommodation with a room per person and a shared communal area, meaning you will receive rent from each tenant individually.

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA)

These are often flat blocks or apartments built nearby the university which can be rented out to students. Universities favour these and use them as student property facilities and spend money and time marketing them, free marketing essentially!

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Our Student Property Investment Examples

Are you interested in investing in student property? We've can find you the best suitable property, here are some examples of our previous sales:

Blackpool HMO
Bath Student HMO
Example Coming Soon
Example Coming Soon

Do the above properties sound like something you would be interested in investing in? Let’s have a quick chat!

Benefits & Pitfalls of Student Property Investment

As with every kind of investment there are risks, and student property is no exception. There are both benefits and pitfalls to investing in student property, and it pays to be aware of them.

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Why Invest In Student Property With Us?

We can find you the best potential deals on properties in areas nearby major UK universities, to offer you a great yield.

Our sister company is a property buyer who regularly purchases properties suitable for letting to students, and at below market value. We can pass a percentage of this discount on to yourself, to give you the best potential yield.

Our Main Student Property Locations

Want to buy property around the UK’s major universities to attract student tenants? We’ve got you covered, we regularly buy property across England & Wales that includes these areas, here are just a few of our main locations:

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking to invest in student accommodation and we’ve not yet answered your question, sorry! We’ve collated a few more of the most popular questions we get on the topic and answered them for you below, however, if you don’t find an answer to your question, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Just like any property investment, it can be extremely beneficial as long as you choose the right property.

You can achieve really good yield figures from investing in student pods as they are low in price and still achieve a decent rental price. There are however downsides that you need to consider, such as mortgage lenders won’t lend on them & generally they don’t offer the capital gains normal property does.

Yes, they can do and often achieve yields in the region of 12% which represents some of the highest property investment yields available.

We offer properties suitable for students across the UK including all of the major university cities.

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