Property To Renovate

Looking for a bit of a do-er upper? Maybe you want to flip it for a quick profit or perhaps turn it into a property you can let out, whatever the reason, we can find you a great deal.

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Why Buy A Property To Renovate?

Buying a property that is in need of renovation can present an opportunity to purchase something that would typically go for a much higher value if it was in a good condition.

If you find the right property it can be a very lucrative investment strategy. It allows you to buy property well below market value, renovate it, sell and turn a quick profit, if done correctly or create a steady income stream through letting it out.

Property To Renovate

What Kinds of Property Do We Sell?

We offer opportunities with all kinds of residential property, we buy anything from small flats to large detached homes. If we see opportunities that we feel would be profitable for house flipping, then we’ll more often than not pass these on to our investor database.

That being said, we often see particular kind of properties that work really well for renovation projects, which includes:

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Our Property Renovation Sales

Looking to find some of the best house flipping deals available? We've got you covered! Just take a look at some of our recent renovation sales:

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How To Find The Perfect House To Flip

You can achieve a significant profit in a short period of time with house flipping if done right. There are several diamonds in the rough, but it’s all about finding them. 

We can provide you with the best potential renovation deals to either return a high yield or quick profit, but we always advise that you do your own research on the property before hand, so how do you determine whether the property is going to provide significant returns?

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Why Invest With Us?

We can make you money. We provide perfect tailored property investment opportunities that mean your specific requirements, and turn a profit whether that be through flipping it or holding it to let out at a later date.

We can provide you with great property deals, which is thanks to our ties with our sister company, in which we buy several properties monthly for below market value and can pass some of these savings on to yourself.

Our Locations

Want to find the best house flipping opportunities, well we’ve got you covered. We cover the whole of England & Wales, and regularly purchase properties for some of the areas that we mention below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Oops, have we not answered one of your questions about buying a house to renovate? Not to worry, we’ve included some of our most common ones for you below:

It depends whether it is considered habitable, which means it has a working bathroom and kitchen, if so yes you can get a traditional mortgage. 

It’s a bit of an industry rule of thumb, it states that the maximum you should pay for a property is 70% of the value after it has been renovated. 

For example, if you’re looking to buy a house in poor condition, and all other houses on the road are worth £100K – the maximum you should pay for it is £70k. 

This isn’t gospel, and you should always do a lot more research than this.

Yes – house flipping can still be a very good money making strategy, you just need to find the right property & have the right skills, patience and knowledge to be able to do it.

We deal with a lot of properties that are in need of renovation, and regularly sell them to house flippers. The main bit of advice that we can give is to know your budget & your capability to renovate the house within the required timeline, delays are very costly and cut into your margin significantly.

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