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buying a leasehold property

When you are buying a leasehold property, you are in effect buying the right to live in the building for a set number of years. Exactly how many years will

Making tax digital for landlords

In April 2022, the UK launched the first phase of Making Tax Digital (MTD), which is the government’s initiative to move small businesses, landlords and self-employed individuals into the digital

property investment app

In the modern age of the internet, it seems as though there is an app for everything. So it makes sense to take your hunt for investment properties online and

Are you considering venturing into the world of property investment but find yourself overwhelmed by the vast amount of information available? Well you’re in the right place! Whether you are a

new epc regulations for landlords in 2025

Energy efficiency has risen to the forefront of everyone’s minds in recent years, especially with the UK aiming for net zero by 2050. And as a landlord, you may be

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