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BMV Property

Across this website and other property websites, you’ll see a lot of acronyms regularly used, but you might not know exactly what they mean. On property sourcing websites, like this,

Can Landlords Refuse Pets UK

Planning on becoming a landlord? One of the things that you might have spent a bit of time researching is whether or not you have are allowed to refuse pets

Property Renovation

Have you got your heart set on finding a refurbishment property to fix up and flip at a profit, or alternatively rent out? Renovation projects are appealing, as the profits

How To Find Rent To Rent Deals & Opportunities

Whether you’re a landlord interested in getting a tenant on a rent to rent basis or the opposite, a tenant looking to find the perfect landlord and property, finding the

Buy To Let Mortgages For First Time Buyer

As a first time buyer are you looking for an alternative route onto the property ladder for the first time? You might have saved up a decent deposit for a

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