How Do We Work?

Fancy becoming part of our investor database and gaining access to some of the best Below Market Value deals out there? Then understanding how we work is key.

 Luckily, our process is very straight forward – it’s much like speed dating, only for investors…

We prefer to get the basics out of the way first. So we’ll ask for a few details about yourself, your contact information and a brief overview of what you’re looking for, before one of our team gets in touch. Nothing too taxing.

A member of our investment team will be in touch.

During your call, they’ll delve deeper into your requirements until they have clear picture of exactly what you’re searching for. So be prepared to talk specifics like your favoured area, a rough budget and preferred property type.

We run your requirements past our property database to see if we have a match. If we do, we’ll get in touch right away.

Although we do hold a LOT of properties, if we don’t have anything suitable when you first enquire, that won’t be the last you hear from us. 

This is where our team’s experience comes into play, as they go to work hunting for new BMV deals that meet your requirements. In the meantime we’ll keep you posted on their progress and when a deal does come around, you’ll be the first to know. 

Finding you a BMV deal is only half of the equation. We then need to help you go ahead and buy it. Thankfully our team deal with fast property sales on a daily basis, so completing your purchase should be straight forward. 

If need be, we can assist with surveys, conveyancing, strategy, the lot. Why do we do this is simple – it takes the hassle of purchasing off you, and allows us to make faster transactions. The perfect win-win scenario.

Once you’ve completed we’ll be in touch to say “Congratulations!”. But this won’t be the last you hear from us. We’ll continue to keep you posted on any new BMV deals that we think would work well in your portfolio.

How It Works - Team

Don't Be Shy... Our Experienced Team Are Here To Help

Aspiring to be a property investor but yet to do a BMV deal? Don’t be shy – everyone has to start somewhere, just preferably somewhere supportive that offers you expert knowledge and advice. Hint – we may be a good place to start.

Our highly experienced team are well equipped with the industry know-how required to guide you through the property buying process  right from offer, to completion and beyond. 

Want to discuss the ins and outs of a BMV property sale or see if we’ve got a deal that suits your circumstances?

What’s The Catch?

There isn’t one…

The reason why we’re able to offer you generous discounts on properties is because of how we work.  We source our BMV properties ourselves through our sister business, The Property Buying Company. However, holding onto properties costs us money, which is why look to sell them on quickly and give you as an investor, a healthy discount. Can’t say fairer than that.