Jordane Thompson

Investment Consultant

As an investment sales consultant my job is to try and help you get the best possible property deal for your money.

Jordane Thompson

About Me

Hi, I'm Jordane Thompson.

I’m referred to by many as Jordan, with an E. Outside of work you’ll generally find me eating out and socialising with my friends, either that or the complete opposite curling up on my sofa in a blanket reading a book!

TPSC Boardroom

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Prior to working here I actually had very little property experience, apart from the buying and refurbishing of my own home. That being said, I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by experts and I’m now well on my way to being one myself! 

Previous to my role here I’ve mainly been in sales around car leasing and printing, as well as managing a betting shop. Although they are completely different industries, I believe my experience in dealing with different types of people is integral to my role.

I’m an Investment Sales Consultant, and if you enquire to The Property Sourcing Company I could well be your first point of contact. It’s my job to find out exactly what kind of investment you’re interested in, and then go about finding the perfect deal and a great investment opportunity for you.

In a previous role I started as a Sales Executive at a Printing Company, I quickly rose through the ranks and was promoted to Sales Team Leader. This was a role I developed on my own and I grew and developed the team effectively and efficiently. When I left this role the team were completely self-sufficient and it’s something I’m still proud that I achieved to this day.

There’s been a couple of times, including here, where I’ve had to learn a completely new industry. It’s a tough challenge but one I absolutely love, everywhere I’ve been my colleagues have been extremely helpful and always made me feel at ease, allowing me to pick things up quickly.

Attempting to teach myself DIY from watching YouTube videos, exercising, eating out and cooking.

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