Jessica Anderson

Investment Sales Consultant

As Investment Sales Consultant my job is to make it as easy and a stress free experience for investors as possible.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Jessica Anderson.

I started my journey into property through more traditional means, selling rental properties as an estate agent, but overtime developed an interest in the investment side of property. 

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I actually started my journey in property in Dubai, where at the time I was mostly selling rental properties. I enjoyed my time out there, and it taught me a lot about the property industry, but due to COVID I moved back to the UK. After that I worked for a short stint at Hunter’s Estate Agents, but discovered my true passion lied more in dealing with investors, and managed to land my role now.

My role in The Property Sourcing Company is essentially to make sure that you, our investor, is fully up to date with any purchase and more importantly, happy! I do a lot of the background work as well to make investors lives easier, such as making the brochures, the investment packs, and booking in photos and surveys.

Actually, I haven’t yet unfortunately. I’m working my way up to purchasing a property of my own, and I’m currently in the process of saving – I particularly like the look of North Leeds and have my sights set on next year! After I’ve got the first purchase under my belt, I do have the longer term aims and ambitions to buy rental property myself.  

My proudest moment was actually receiving my first review from a customer, it’s not really something I’m used to and it put a smile on my face just knowing that I was able to help a customer get exactly what they wanted and a service they deserved.

I’ve got lots of hobbies but I would predominately say going to the gym at work! After that it would be to take my dog, Ronnie, on long walks, go shopping and just generally going out with friends.

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