Andrew James

Investment Sales Manager

As manager of the Investment Team, Andrew oversees all of The Property Sourcing Companies activity.

Andrew James

About Me

Hi, I'm Andrew James.

I am a Southerner living in the North!

I moved from London to Leeds to live with my now Wife back in 2017. Fell into Property Sourcing after five years working as Recruitment Manager, placing contractor Design Engineers into Amazon. Whilst I enjoyed recruitment, after being part of an investment property purchase I noticed how many transferable skills that I had that works well within Property Sourcing.

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I actually worked this out a couple of days ago but since joining the property industry (just over 3 years ago), I been responsible in the sale of over £35 million pounds of property. This includes a variety of different strategies and property types but the majority of this figure was residential BTLs.

I am the Investment Sales Manager. It’s my responsibility to ensure everything in the company runs smoothly and that we have plenty of stock to sell to our investor clients. The simplest way to describe my day to day is to think of me as the middleman between a buying investor and motivated seller.

The most enjoyable part about my job is the variety of people I speak to. It could be buyers, vendors, solicitors, brokers or lenders. Work doesn’t stop outside the office as I am always looking to expand my network and make connections that can help my investor clients buy more!

Its fair to say my property investments are doing a lot better than my crypto. Me and my wife own multiple BTL’s in Leeds that provide good levels of cashflow and have joint ventured in a couple of flip opportunities.

For me, the proudest I have felt in this job is helping a first time investor purchase their first property. This is something that I enjoy every time but one occasion was more special when I was fully involved in the investors journey. Originally the investor was very nervous, so I arranged to meet them face to ace. Sitting with them I could educated them, relieve calm their concerns and collectively come up with an investment criteria. Once we found a property that matched this, I helped guide the investor though conveyancing to completion. It still puts a smile on my face knowing the same investor has now gone on to buy 5 more properties with us.

I am big Skiing fan and am always eager to get on a slope in the winter months. When it gets warmer I enjoy a round of golf.

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